Our mission is to deliver what we believe to be the most advanced investment approach to our institutional and private clients


Founded in 2001, Partners Capital is an Outsourced Investment Office acting for distinguished endowments and foundations, senior investment professionals and prominent families across the globe.


About Us

We are a leading global outsourced investment office with a mission to take what we believe to be the most advanced investment approach to our institutional and private clients

Insights 2024 Collection

Insights is our annual publication setting out our investment views and strategies for the year ahead and beyond.

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Our Team

Our global team comprises truly extraordinary investment professionals with deep expertise across all asset classes, who are driven to achieve outstanding investment returns for our clients


Investment Approach

We apply a proprietary scientific approach to the multi-asset class investment model with disciplined risk management and independent asset manager selection based on asset class expertise and deep fundamental due diligence

Overall Risk Management

High static risk level afforded by a true long term outlook with no market timing

Asset Allocation

True multi-asset class diversification with high illiquid allocation

Manager Selection

Focus on partnerships with entrepreneurial owner-operated asset managers

Asset Managers

We seek to create and nurture long term value-added partnerships with the rare exceptional asset managers who demonstrate a clear and compelling competitive edge supported by intellectual honesty, analytical rigor and high integrity. Learn more about our selection criteria.


Partners Capital Energy Transition Investment Framework

The energy transition to net zero emissions is one of the largest and most complicated of economic and industrial transformations history will encounter. Find out investments to avoid at this point in time, and which are likely to achieve their targeted impact and returns.

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