IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Partners Capital have become aware that an entity named GMT Crypto who say they are located in Switzerland are claiming to be affiliated with Partners Capital to legitimise the promotion of investment in crypto-currency. They seem to be operating largely in Italy. GMT Crypto is in no way affiliated with Partners Capital and we would advise any investor to avoid any dealings with GMT Crypto. They appear to be a sham company who are likely to be defrauding investors. We have reported their activities to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and to the National Crime Agency’s Fraud Division. If you are approached by any representative of GMT Crypto please contact your local law enforcement agency or your local financial regulator.

Our mission is to deliver the most advanced proven institutional investment strategy to our individual and institutional clients


Partners Capital is an Outsourced Investment Office acting for highly regarded endowments and foundations, senior partners at leading global investment firms and sophisticated ultra-high-net-worth families in Europe, North America and Asia


About Us

We are a leading international outsourced investment office with a mission to take the most advanced proven institutional investment approach to our clients

The founding of Partners Capital was simple – our Co-Founders Stan Miranda and Paul Dimitruk wanted to bring the most advanced institutional investment approach to some of the most sophisticated clients in the world. Twenty years on, this remains our goal.

Podcast Feature: Partners Capital CEO on The Money Maze podcast

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CEO, Arjun Raghavan discusses how the Partners Capital investment model has evolved from the classic “Yale Endowment Model” on The Money Maze Podcast. He covers our “twin-engine” approach to portfolio construction (market exposures plus alpha) and describes how Partners Capital aims to get ahead of mega-trends and deploy capital in inefficient markets to generate outperformance.

Our Team

Our global team comprises truly extraordinary investment professionals with deep expertise across all asset classes, who are driven to achieve outstanding investment returns for our clients

Investment Approach

We apply a proprietary scientific approach to the multi-asset class investment model with disciplined risk management and independent asset manager selection based on asset class expertise and deep fundamental due diligence

Overall Risk Management

High static risk level afforded by a true long term outlook with no market timing

Asset Allocation

True multi-asset class diversification with high illiquid allocation

Manager Selection

Focus on independent owner-run managers selected through deep fundamental research


Asset Managers

We seek to create and nurture long term value-added partnerships with the rare exceptional asset managers who demonstrate a clear and compelling competitive edge supported by intellectual honesty, analytical rigor and high integrity


Our investment insights stem from our ability to identify the most skilled 3rd party experts from our global institutional investment network comprised of asset managers, institutional investors, clients and research houses and then synthesise these into investment actions

Our Offices

San Francisco
New York
Hong Kong