Who We Work With


20 years ago, the founders of Partners Capital happened upon a vision of building a global investment business advising many of the most sophisticated investors in the world. While many thought this equivalent to selling ice cubes to Eskimos, the firm’s founders comprised veteran investment principals who felt a similar need.

On 1 April 2002, we had brought together 43 sophisticated investors who saw the benefit of a firm like Partners Capital accumulating insights from their clients as well as from their in-house research team and playing back to them an investment strategy superior to that which they could execute on their own. To this end, we felt it critically important to bring together not just the most thoughtful individual investors but also the most respected institutional investors, generally comprised of the institutions’ investment committee and internal team.

Today, we have over 400 clients who we believe represent the highest concentration of talented investors affiliated with any single outsourced investment office. Over the years, the mix has been fairly evenly split between institutional clients and private clients, through to the present.

In many ways, our clients define our competitive advantage, with this special combination being a very important driver of that advantage. The thinking, along with the universe of investment opportunities that individual and institutional investors encounter, are very different and complementary. We seek to bring the best of both worlds to our clients.

Endowments & Foundations

We serve a community of over 80 endowments and foundations around the world whose investment committees and internal investment professionals represent some of the most talented investors anywhere. We develop and manage highly customized full portfolio solutions for these institutions as their outsourced investment office in discretionary or advisory arrangements. There is little that is more gratifying than growing asset values to benefit the many powerful causes pursued by our endowment and foundation clients.

Private Clients

Working with many of the most sophisticated private clients around the world, our private client focused team members develop highly customized portfolio solutions that complement other asset classes on the clients balance sheet and that seek to maximize the after tax returns for each client’s level of risk tolerance. We are independent and fully aligned with our clients’ objectives.


Our pensions practice also follows our focus on sophisticated investors. We develop customized solutions for plan sponsors generally providing expert advice and investment management of alternative asset class portfolios focused on private equity, property, private debt and specialist uncorrelated strategies.