CEO Arjun Raghavan shares his investment philosophy and personal insights with Money Maze Podcast

28 October 2021

Partners Capital Chief Executive Officer Arjun Raghavan is featured on The Money Maze Podcast with Simon Brewer. Arjun shares his journey to becoming CEO of Partners Capital, which currently manages over $45 billion in assets across North America, Europe and Asia. Topics Arjun discusses include:

  • His career journey from engineer to CEO of Partners Capital
  • How Partners Capital has evolved its approach to the endowment model based on lessons from the global financial crisis
  • Our approach to finding opportunities for true outperformance, including our hunt for “alternative alternatives”
  • The nuances of investing in private equity
  • How we approach allocation across asset classes and managers
  • Our views on two “mega trends:” sustainable investing and capital moving to Asia, and how we view seek to capitalize on inefficiencies inherent in new markets

The Money Maze Podcast is hosted by Simon Brewer, a seasoned financial industry executive with previous tenures as the Chief Investment Officer at multiple investment firms. The podcast, by definition, aims to unravel some of the complexities of the industry, explore different approaches to capital allocation and highlight the innovative leaders currently influencing the business.

Listen to Arjun’s story and learn more about the growth of Partners Capital here:

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