Arjun Raghavan selected to succeed Stan Miranda as Partners Capital CEO

10 December 2019

Arjun Raghavan selected to succeed Stan Miranda as Partners Capital CEO

Partners Capital Investment Group LLP, the $27 billion global outsourced investment office, announces its 12-month succession plan, with Arjun Raghavan taking over as CEO and Stan Miranda becoming Chairman by the end of 2020.

Over the course of 2020, Stan Miranda, the Founder and CEO of Partners Capital, the leading international outsourced investment office, will be transitioning his CEO responsibilities to Arjun Raghavan, currently Head of Asia. Stan will become the Chairman of Partners Capital and will remain a full-time executive, retaining his current client responsibilities while supporting Arjun and the other 13 partners on the ongoing development of the firm’s global business and investment strategy. Stan will focus on driving the firm’s key strategic initiatives including business development on the US West Coast, following the recent San Francisco office opening. Stan will continue to operate from London as his main base and continue his travel commitments to the seven Partners Capital’s offices around the globe.

Arjun Raghavan joined Partners Capital in the London office in 2007 from a Goldman Sachs hedge fund spin-out and was promoted to Partner within three years of joining. Arjun has played a critical role in evolving Partners Capital’s investment strategy, known as the Partners Capital Risk Management Endowment-Approach (PRMEA), as well as in founding and managing the firm’s $3 billion asset under management flagship multi-asset class vehicle, The Master Portfolio. In 2013, Arjun relocated to Hong Kong, and subsequently to Singapore, to build the Asian business while carrying on with his global investment responsibilities.

The succession plan was announced by Stan Miranda to the firm’s 180 global team members, assembled in London for its annual company meeting on Friday. In the announcement, Stan emphasized that “Arjun’s success in business building in Asia, along with his investment thought leadership, has instilled high levels of confidence across the firm for Arjun to take on my role as CEO”.

Arjun will split his time in 2020 between London and Singapore with his family joining him in London in 2021. Through the course of next year, Arjun will continue to work with his Asian clients, and focus on strengthening the regional senior team led by Adam Watson in Singapore. Asia remains a strategically important pillar for Partners Capital, and Arjun and Adam will continue to drive new strategic investment initiatives across the Asian region. As CEO, Arjun’s most important global role will be to strengthen the firm’s investment capabilities working closely with the Partners Capital CIO, Colin Pan, in the areas having the most direct impact on investment performance.

Stan’s co-founder, Paul Dimitruk, will retain his responsibilities as a full-time senior partner focused on serving his North American clients and guiding the burgeoning business development effort across North America. In addition, Paul will assist Arjun in mentoring the Asian leadership team and support strategic business development across the Asian region.

In their recent communication to their 400 plus clients around the world, Stan highlighted that “the most successful leadership transitions are supported by a culture of mutual respect and support with the full executive team consistently driving the company forward as the new leader beds down in the new role. I have benefitted from that support my entire career here and Arjun will no doubt have the same partners and colleagues standing with him”.

Current Chairman and co-founder Paul Dimitruk also spoke to the global team last Friday in London on the succession plan, stating “Arjun stands out as someone all of the Partners trust and respect completely. Arjun has the intellectual capacity and energy to lead the company into the next generation of the firm’s development. I have no doubt that under Arjun’s leadership we will continue to strengthen our ability to deliver the highest levels of investment outperformance to our clients for the long term”.