Our Firm's History

Partners Capital was founded in 2001 by Stan Miranda and Paul Dimitruk to provide independent and conflict free investment management service to long-term endowment-style portfolio owners.

The founders of Partners Capital had a vision - build a global investment business serving many of the most sophisticated investors in the world, including partners in distinguished investment and professional firms. While many thought this to be futile, the firm’s founders discovered that even the most sophisticated investors cannot identify and access the optimal range of investment strategies globally.

On 1 April 2002, we brought together 43 sophisticated investors who saw the benefit of a firm like Partners Capital, accumulating insights from their clients as well as from the in-house research team and building investment programs superior to that which they could execute on their own. To this end, we felt it critically important to bring together not just the most thoughtful individual investors but also the most respected institutional investors who saw they would benefit from having an independent, non-conflicted firm providing all asset class global investment programs. All our clients benefit from this eco-system of investment expertise that was created from within our own client base. Learn more about Who We Work With.


The original clients were founding and senior partners of many of the world’s leading private equity firms. This lead to Partners Capital being considered the “money manager to the money managers”. Many of these individuals remain clients today. They provide us with a powerful network which facilitates in sourcing exceptional investment opportunities, deep insights into the alternative assets, acting as a “secondary investment committee” to enhance our own due diligence. Our reach soon extended to include prestigious endowments and foundations as well as a sophisticated family offices across the globe.

Our first offices were in London and Boston, which continue to be our largest bases. In 2012, we expanded our reach to Asia with offices opening in Hong Kong, followed by Singapore in 2015. This allowed us to carry out ‘on the ground’ due diligence on investment opportunities in the region, as well as better serve our Asia Pacific clients. In the US, we opened further offices in New York in 2014 and San Francisco in 2019. The latter offered better proximity to venture capital opportunities on the West Coast of the US. In Europe, our reach extended to Paris, with our first Continental Europe office opening in 2019.

Today, with $50B+ in assets, Partners Capital's clients comprise a mix of institutional clients and private clients. Many of our private clients are senior members of prominent investment firms for whom we manage their ‘family endowments’. We are fortunate to have the clients we do and they continue to push us and hold us accountable to delivering the highest standards of investment performance and client service.