Stan Miranda discusses the Partners Capital Green Energy Transition Investment Framework on PEI’s Spotlight Podcast

18 November 2022

Stan Miranda, Partners Capital Founder and Chairman, is featured on Private Equity International’s Spotlight Podcast with Toby Mitchenall discussing the unprecedented uncertainty of energy transition investing. Stan shares the Partners Capital Global Energy Transition Investment Framework, which breaks down the component parts of the transition and highlights where we see opportunity as well as uncertainty.

Topics discussed include:             

  1. The various component of the energy transition, including electrification, technology and renewables
  2. Why Partners Capital saw this framework as necessary for making effective investments
  3. Our views on investment opportunities related to the energy transition
  4. How we approach navigating uncertainties within the renewables industry
  5. Stan’s outlook on the scale of the energy transition and curbing the climate crisis

This episode of the Spotlight Podcast is hosted by Toby Mitchenall, Senior Editor of ESG and Sustainability at New Private Markets, PEI Group.

Listen to Stan’s outlook on the energy transition here:

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