“COP 37 Will Be Very Interesting” – Stan Miranda on the C.O.B.T. Veriten Podcast

24 January 2023

Partners Capital Co-Founder and Chairman Stan Miranda is featured on Veriten’s Close of Business Tuesday (C.O.B.T.) Podcast, hosted by Maynard Holt, Jeff Tillery and Mike Bradley. Stan provides a “state of the union” on the path to global energy transition and outlines Partners Capital’s investment approach.

Topics discussed, include:

  • How Partners Capital entered the energy transition discourse responsibly – pursuing truths versus lofty goals
  • Public Market vs. Private Market investing, as well as generalist vs. specialist energy managers
  • Obstacles to the energy transition, from emerging market emissions to funding and Government policy
  • Lessons learned from the Cleantech era of the early 2000s and its impact on energy investments
  • Misconceptions of fossil fuel investing
  • Difficulties in accessing the vast opportunity set

Veriten was founded by Maynard Holt. Veriten is an energy-focused knowledge platform that brings diverse perspectives to the energy transition discussion, improving the ability of industry leaders, policy makers, and investors to make investment and strategic choices. Maynard previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. from 2016 to 2021 and has over 27 years of experience in energy investment banking and strategic advice.

Listen to Stan’s insights and learn more about Partners Capital’s Global Energy Transition Framework here:

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