Partners Capital and the Clean Air Task Force Workshop: Bringing the Energy Transition Down to Earth

By Stan Miranda

On the 14th of September 2022, Partners Capital combined with the Clean Air Task Force (CATF, an energy transition think tank) hosted a workshop lunch entitled “Bringing the Energy Transition Down to Earth” at the National Science Museum in London. The idea for the workshop emerged from our desire to gain an ever deeper set of insights into the energy transition as a foundation for making further investments benefiting from this megatrend…. or not.  We published the ‘The Global Energy Transition Investment Framework’ in April 2022 – this workshop aimed to build on that and gain a better understanding of the realistic prospects for the energy transition, in stark contrast to the overly optimistic energy pathway research that most investors appear to rely on today.

The workshop was attended by a group of 25 energy transition experts including five members from the CATF and four members of Partners Capital. Read our conclusions in our Executive Summary.

Executive Summary