Partners Capital Insights 2024 Investment Spotlights

As markets and economies continue to adjust to the post-pandemic
world of higher borrowing rates and geopolitical risks, we synthesise
the most important macroeconomic changes into the following
‛investment spotlights’ that we believe will take centre stage of
shaping investor returns in the decade ahead:

  1. Investing in Global Equities: What is needed to deliver
    sustainable outperformance?
  2. The future of Private Equity: Investment approach to
    buyouts in a high-interest rate environment.
  3. Energy Transition Investment Framework 2.0 Outline: At
    an expected annual cost of $5 trillion per year for the next
    27 years, the global energy transition will have a meaningful
    impact on most asset classes.

Against this backdrop, successful portfolios will need to place
even higher consideration on asset quality, valuation and
portfolio construction.

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