Founder of Partners Capital Launches Think Tank Focused on the Global Energy Transition 

21 May 2024

Founder of Partners Capital Launches Think Tank Focused on the Global Energy Transition 

LONDON, May 21, 2024 – The Founder and Chairman of Partners Capital, Stan Miranda, has launched the True North Institute, a think tank focused on researching new approaches to institutional investment strategy. As articulated by Miranda, “the aim of True North is to share insights into the science of institutional investing with CIOs from among the leading sovereign wealth funds, large pensions, foundations, endowments and family offices.”

Partners Capital was founded to “right the wrongs” of an investment industry that was, and still is, flawed with conflicts of interest, an acute lack of transparency, and performance not properly reported against the appropriate risk-adjusted benchmarks. The True North Institute’s aims are a continuation of the founding principles of Partners Capital which is to develop and share the deepest of insights into the science of institutional investing whether from Stan and his True North Institute, Partners Capital or from highly respected third-party sources.

Partners Capital CEO, Arjun Raghavan, highlighted that “True North creates a dedicated and formal knowledge sharing forum that brings together many of the relationships we have built up over the past 20 years with some of the most thoughtful institutional investors from around the world. By devoting time to the Institute, Stan will convene groups of thought leaders who should be able to generate powerful insights that benefit the entire investment industry.”

Miranda aims to formalise and enlarge his network of relationships with CEOs and CIOs of many of the most highly respected investment institutions in the world. He sees True North as a forum for sharing thoughts on the most pressing long-term issues with the greatest potential impact on institutional investment returns. Many institutions have long embraced the endowment model of investing as pioneered over 30 years ago by David Swensen and the Yale Endowment. True North seeks to discover, innovate and share new ways to evolve that model, drawing on learning from the Canadian pensions, sovereign wealth funds and progressive institutional family offices. Stan and his True North team see themselves as a laboratory for undertaking research that will benefit all members of this forum.

True North has significantly deepened the research previously undertaken by Stan and others at Partners Capital on the Global Energy Transition with recent publications on clean hydrogen, renewables penetration and carbon taxation.  Professor Luis Viceira of Harvard Business School, who recently wrote and published a case study on Partners Capital, commented that “Stan’s research and writing has long been a major distinguishing feature in the world of Outsourced CIOs.  I am very excited to see Stan applying this skill in a more focused manner inside the True North Institute, in an aim to innovate around best practice in institutional investing. I hope to contribute to that research and to benefit from it for the students here at HBS.”  

True North believes that all institutional investors need to build their own domain expertise in the energy transition so that capital is most effectively allocated to the highest return investments at the centre of the energy transition. True North leverages the network of experts from Clean Air Task Force, think tank OpenMinds and Bain & Company’s energy practice.

The True North Institute is an entity independent of Partners Capital, but which maintains a close relationship to jointly achieve the mission of taking the most advanced proven institutional investment approach to the world’s owners of Investment capital.


True North Institute is an independent investment research organization based in London, England.  It is wholly dedicated to the development and sharing of deep research into seminal issues facing institutional investors, such as the energy transition, artificial intelligence and the future of private vs public equity markets. Additional information on True North Institute can be found at