Our Team

We seek to attract, develop and retain truly extraordinary investment professionals with deep expertise in a given asset class and proficiency in multi-asset class portfolio management. Partners Capital people join us motivated by our mission to bring the most advanced institutional investment approach to our clients. Our team members thrive on intellectual fervor.

Our team is comprised of hard working, professionally accomplished, and highly analytical individuals who are driven toward achieving outstanding investment returns for our clients. Partners Capital team members find their primary professional reward from serving their clients. They are responsive and attentive to client needs above all else.

Teaching and learning are woven into everything we do. We combine the values of a meritocracy with intense collegiality and open intellectual engagement with all team members, regardless of where they are in the world and in which part of the firm they work. Our team members are well rewarded for the value they create as part of a global team in pursuit of client investment performance. We foster complete alignment with our clients’ interests, with every team member investing alongside our clients.


Other Team Members