Money Maze Podcast – Asia: The Multi-Asset Class Opportunity Set

6 February 2023

Arjun Raghavan, CEO of Partners Capital, Adam Watson, Partner and Co-Head of Asia Pacific, and Harvey Toor, CIO of Singapore Management University (SMU) are featured on The Money Maze Podcast with Simon Brewer.

The conversation explores the investment opportunity set presented by Asia and the importance of a multi-asset class approach to capture it.

Topics covered include:

  • The opportunities Asia presents for global investors
  • The challenges of investing in Asia and why global investors – even those in Asia – are under-allocated
  • The need for ‘boots on the ground’ to identify and access investments
  • Why Singapore Management University chose to partner with Partners Capital
  • The three reasons Asia has become a better environment for investing
  • Why we believe in investing across the entire region and across asset classes

The Money Maze Podcast is hosted by Simon Brewer, a seasoned financial industry executive with previous tenures as CEO and CIO at multiple investment firms. The podcast, by definition, aims to unravel some of the complexities of the industry, explore different approaches to capital allocation and highlight the innovative leaders currently influencing the business.

SMU is a current client of Partners Capital and a seed investor with a revenue share in one of Partners Capital’s pooled investment portfolios.

Listen to the full podcast here.